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The diet and the plants

the diet entails some strict discipline : it is a necessary process in order to receive spirituals powers or healing.

During the diet process one is not allowed to have salt, sugar, meat, animal oils and fats, alcohol, as well as sexual activities. As a preparation to this experience you will be asked to refrain from eating all pork meat and by-products for one month prior to our departure.

the spiritual process will include perfume and ayahuasca ceremonies and other plants and trees as well.


·      The perfume is a gentle medicine that will open you to the world of spiritual energies and prepare you to the stronger medicine that is ayahuasca.

·      Ayahuasca is a master plant that teaches and guides shamans into the world of spirits. It’s a vomit-inducing plant that cleanses and heals spiritual and physical illnesses.

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