The center

Details about the place :
The Center is located inside the rainforest, at 18 km from the city center, along the road Iquitos-Nauta. It is equipped with 12 single tambos, a reception room, a special House of Ceremony and a family home.

Course of the stay :
After arrival in Iquitos, a transfer is organised from the airport to the Center. Two Ayahuesca ceremonies are planned per week, a perfume ceremony and a flower bath to prepare the first Ayahuesca session. Alongside, this work will be completed by a Master plants and trees cure.


Retreat at Sachamama : Depending on your intentions and your availability, we will discuss together the different possibilities regarding your spiritual process at Sachamama, in determining the dates and the length of your stay. It is usually advised to stay for a period of three weeks, as it will give you enough time to work with a diet of different plants as well as with Ayahuasca. However, if you are unable to come for three weeks, a commitment of two weeks is possible. In order to establish the length and the dates of your stay, please contact us.


Prices and reservations :
The cost at Sachamama is $750 per week.
It includes the transfer from the airport to the retreat, your bungalow, meals, laundry, the plants diet and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The payment is to be done in US dollars: Ě Either by wire transfer, via Western Union :
- To : Rachel Jeanne Rose Willay
- City and country : Iquitos, Peru

Ě Or in cash at the date of your arrival. We only accept currencies bought at the bank.

Please note that if for any reasons you decide to leave the retreat before the end of your stay, you will not be refunded.